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Logan, TDP Participant, Cost Reduction Leader

I started my career at PCC as an intern from Oregon State University while pursuing my degree in Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering.  During that six-month internship, I quickly discovered PCC had all I was looking for to develop professionally both as an engineer and as a leader. Following graduation, I was encouraged to apply for the PCC Management Development Program (MDP).  As an MDP, I had assignments in sales and marketing, accounting, facilities management, engineering, and, ultimately, supervision. While I appreciated the opportunity to learn about the company, I learned more about myself.  I realized I had a passion for the technical side and accepted a position at LPC in Continuous Improvement. In this role, I applied for and was accepted into the Technical Development Program (TDP).

As with the MDP program, every participant in the TDP program is assigned to a mentor, who is an invaluable resource, not only for technical and professional guidance but also for personal growth. The TDP program offers a unique road map with clear objectives and milestones on the way to the next level. The relationships I have built with my mentors have developed into friendships beyond the workplace. 

There are many PCC facilities and thousands of bright individuals within the organization. Through the TDP program, I have been introduced to many other participants and their mentors across the country. Regular gatherings with local TDP participants have further added to my knowledge and awareness of the technical developments of other facilities, and these networking opportunities have translated to real projects with real savings in my own facility. The TDP program is a testament to PCC’s belief in the fact that the most valuable asset of any company is its people; that is certainly one of PCC’s most strategic advantages.