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Nick, MDP Graduate, Isothermal Forge Press Supervisor

I graduated from Purdue University in Mechanical Engineering Technology in May 2010 and joined the MDP program in July 2010. My studies in school were more “hands-on” than typical engineering programs; very much manufacturing and systems focused. I was trained to manage people, machines and production resources, as well as understanding processes and methods.  My experience with PCC to date has fit my background to a “T”. Having a role in a high tech, high volume production facility has continually fed my hunger for technical projects, all the while introducing and challenging me with the human variable that is ever present in manufacturing.

My first year of the program landed me at PCC Structurals - Large Parts Campus in Portland, OR. This facility produced air and vacuum castings for aerospace and industrial turbines. My first role as a Cost-Takeout Engineer had plant-wide scope and introduced me to energy usage reduction, point-of-use workstations and the 5s system. My second role at this facility was as a Production Supervisor in a grinding department. This role entailed managing the safety, quality, throughput, productivity and cost of a 42 person operation. At the start of my role the department budget was on track for a 20% budget miss. By initiating proper training for new employees, implementing cost savings ideas for supplies and improving the morale of the  crew, we were able to show a $100,000 improvement in variable cost quarter-over-quarter. In this rotation I received intense exposure to the PCC Manufacturing Toolbox and had the opportunity to communicate and report to division and corporate leaders.

I am now in training for my third rotation at Wyman-Gordon Forgings in Worcester, MA as an Isothermal Forge Press Supervisor. This role will be a new challenge for me as I will have to understand machine utilization and uptime and make improvements in cycle time.

After my first year with PCC in the Management Development Program, I can honestly say I have been challenged with more numerous and diverse situations than I ever expected just one year removed from school. If you are willing to take difficult challenges head-on and develop a proven track record of success, there is no telling how far your career growth will take you with PCC.