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Rachel, TDP Participant, IGT Engineer

Upon graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Colorado, I worked for two years at an independent research company on a project contracted by NASA. After that, I re-located to my hometown of Portland, Oregon, and took a position as an analytical chemist. While working full time, I began pursuing a Master of Science degree in Materials Science and Engineering at Portland State University. The MSMSE program introduced me to the Portland-based company Precision Castparts, and I was hired by PCC Deer Creek as an IGT part engineer. After completing my Master’s degree, I was selected as one of the first five Technical Development Program (TDP) candidates in the PCC Structurals business.

The TDP has benefitted me in many ways. The training matrix has directed me on a clear path toward becoming a technical expert on metallurgical part development. In addition to receiving valuable training organized by the Technical Advisory Board, I have participated in weekly educational sessions in the plant that we have dubbed “Lunch and Learn.” We meet during the lunch hour to go through the PCC University and other SkillSoft courses. This team-building experience has exposed me to other areas of our business that I may not have pursued on my own. As a member of the TDP, I have also had the chance both to network with peers across the corporation, giving me a sense of camaraderie and community and to meet many key resources in our division, greatly improving my ability to troubleshoot and remedy causes of scrap in the IGT part mix. The advice and support I have received directly led to the topic of my presentation for the 2011 PCC Technical Conference, concerning shrink mitigation in IN738 castings. I continue to look forward to the opportunities the TDP will afford me as I grow in my career with PCC.