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Steve, FDP Graduate, Cost Accountant/Analyst

After graduating from Bentley University outside of Boston, Massachusetts,  with a degree in Corporate Finance and Accounting in May 2007, I signed on as one of the first Finance Development Program (FDP) candidates to join PCC. This experience gave me the flexibility to help shape and mold the program into what it has become today. As part of the program, I had the opportunity to work under controllers at various levels within both PCC Structurals and Forged Products. This experience opened up numerous avenues at the end of the program, through which I could continue my development in cost accounting and analysis (two critical skills of the finance team) toward achieving my ideal career of being a plant controller and beyond. Currently, I am working as a cost accountant/analyst at the PCC Structurals plant in Ogden, Utah.                                                                                                                

Since PCC is a relatively decentralized company that gives the individual plants the flexibility to run their manufacturing operations as their own small business ,there is a lot of opportunity for the finance function to create synergies between the plants. For example, I assisted in the implementation of a reconciliation software program across PCC Structurals and Forged Products. This project allowed me to really understand the balance sheet structure and the impact these accounts can have on the income statement, as well as increasing my network of contacts through my communications with many plants’ finance teams.

I have also learned the importance of accurate data through the creation of the many reports prepared each period. Management uses these to make decisions that generate operating income and enable PCC to continuously improve. By attending the reviews and meetings, I can now interpret these reporting tools in the same way the management team does and recommend changes that make me feel like a valued part of the organization.