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SPS Aerostructures Overview

  • Established in 1984 as Chevron Aerospace and then acquired by SPS Technologies, Inc in 1988, SPS Aerostructures is a strong engineering business with a formidable record in the production of precision-machined fabrications and assemblies for civil and military aircraft and rotorcraft.

SPS Aerostructures’ culture is to continuously improve and innovate to meet demands, challenges, and opportunities. We recognize the importance of investment to grow the business and to be a preferred supplier in our market sector.

Based in the UK and China, SPS Aerostructures operates from four purpose-built and equipped facilities:

SPS Aerostructures sets new standards in high speed, precision machining. Operating from dedicated machining facilities, SPS Mansfield and Rugby UK offer:

  • CNC turning & mill turning
  • Centerless, universal & CNC grinding
  • Flexible manufacturing systems (FMS)
  • High speed 3, 4, & 5-axis machining
  • Horizontal, vertical, and long bed machining
  • Thread-rolling

In addition to machining, fabrication activities are based at SPS Mansfield including a range of fully automated capabilities. SPS Mansfield operates to the latest flow line manufacturing techniques providing automation throughout the manufacturing process. A real time computerized shop scheduling system provides the highest delivery and reliability and complete production control.

To complement fabrication, we have a team of skilled engineers to undertake structural assemblies ranging from small details to highly complex components. Product families range from munitions, fuel connectors, and brackets to large structural ribs and stringers, to complete leading edge and trailing edge solutions.

SPS also offers an innovative manufacturing process, Make From Solid Technology™ (MFS™), whereby complex parts are machined from a single piece of material, eliminating the need for the multiple fabrication steps required within weldments and castings. The advantages of Make From Solid Technology™ include:

  • 30-40% weight savings over conventional cast products
  • Product design optimization through close tolerance manufacture
  • Thin wall manufacture to 1 mm
  • Rapid prototyping with minimized design to manufacture lead times
  • Elimination of weld failures, porosity, x-ray, and the need for laboratory testing

To complete the service offering, our sites also include a comprehensive range of in-house treatments and surface finishing.

Product areas include:

  • Wing Components
    • Wing Ribs
    • Wing Spar Assemblies
    • Leading Edge Ribs
    • Wing Spar Details
    • Flap Track Ribs
    • Reinforcing Plates
  • Engine Components
    • Engine Lock Plates
    • Engine Brackets
  • Fuselage/Wing Components
    • Fabricated Details
    • Pins / Fulcrums / Pivots

SPS Aerostructures was acquired by Precision Castparts Corp. in 2003.

SPS Aerostructures Annesley

Annesley, Nottinghamshire

SPS Aerostructures Mansfield

Mansfield, Nottinghamshire

SPS Aerostructures Rugby

Rugby, Warwickshire

SPS Kunshan

Kunshan, Jiang Su Province