PCC Aerostructures

Sheet Metal

We offer broad sheet metal capabilities including simple to highly complex formed parts and assemblies.

PCC Aerostructures' broad sheet metal capability ranges from simple shapes to large, highly complex formed parts and assemblies.

Our processes include brake forming, hydro forming, stretch forming, bulge forming, draw forming, hot forming, laser cutting, high speed routing, and welding of aluminum, titanium, steel, high nickel alloys, and other common aerospace metals.

Our concurrent engineering kitting and assembly solutions and pre-fit assembly processes have helped our customers reduce installation time and part count with improved quality.

Helicopter Air Intake Helicopter Air Intake
Engine Brackets Engine Brackets
Engine Bracket Welded Assembly Engine Bracket Welded Assembly
Nut Plate & Bracket Assemblies Nut Plate & Bracket Assemblies
Seal & Bracket Assemblies Seal & Bracket Assemblies
Welded Fabricated Pipes Welded Fabricated Pipes

Sheet Metal Capabilities

PCC Aerostructures includes four sites with sheet metal capabilities, accounting for nearly 600,000 square feet of manufacturing space.

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